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Sightseeing & Days Out

Full program. Every single day! At any time of the year.

Hotel Fliesserhof is always in season! Every day is part of the mosaic of unique holiday memories. If the weather is nice (and this is mainly the case due to the sunny slopes here in Fliess) we can recommend visiting the nature park house Kaunergrat - the multimedia exhibition "3000 meter vertical" has to be seen as well as a day out to the Piller Moor (sensational flora and fauna). You can hike there without a problem from Hotel Fliesserhof. And also: Documentation centre Via Claudia Augusta in Fliess, Archaeological Museum Fliess, Castle Biedenegg, Castle Berneck, Siegmundsried, Landeck, Laudegg, Hochfinstermuenz, Naudersberg, the famous pilgrimage church in Kaltenbrunn ... it is quite likely that you could spend months on holiday at Hotel Fliesserhof in Tyrol and still would have the feeling that you should be going to see this interesting place or experience that unique location. Glurns, Mals, Churburg, Burgeis, Engadin, shopping in Samnaun, the regional capital Innsbruck, the famous Gepatschferner in Kaunertal (Hoehenstrasse (high road) with 29 turns up to 2,750 meter!) the Rosengartenschlucht in Imst ... walking, driving, looking and marvel at the everything from the orchards in South Tyrol to the eternal ice of the glaciers!