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Culinary delights

Hotel Fliesserhof Plenty of indulgence for the palate and the eyes

Finally on holiday. All of those that want to escape the world to have a wonderful time and who specifically do not want to be in a noisy resort, will find that Hotel Fliesserhof in Tyrol is the right choice for them. Atmospheric halls and comfortable lounges are waiting for them. And all over the hotel there is a strong focus on great cuisine, fabulous hosts and the great experience of dignified gastronomy.
That's not all. In addition to culinary delicacy and charming hospitality, we, here at Hotel Fliesserhof, are also offering you great entertainment and amusements. Fashion shows, barbecues, mulled wine evenings, dance parties... And when you have soaked in the last of the evening light, after the glass of wine on the terrace, the village below you, the great view across the valley, the mountain tops of Weisskugel, Glockenturm and Ortler glowing above you, then you will understand why sight is one of the greatest senses.