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Summer and winter holiday in Fliess. Experience the magical diversity.

Fliess? How-where-what please? This happens most of the time when someone asks about Fliess? Or would you have known that Fliess is located in the southern most valley of Tyrol? ... the upper Inntal is the only valley without industry in Austria ? ... That Fliess means "located in the bend of the mountains"?
 ...the Fliess district stretches across 4754 hectares? ... that the low rainfall climate and the extreme slope created a rare biotop with typical dry area plants. ... That Fliess was mentioned for the first time in 1122? ... That Fliess had a priest who was known beyond the borders and who could see into the future? ... that the Barbara church is the only twin-tower church in our valley? ... that Roman everyday objects and jewellery were found in the village centre during building work in 1990? ... that in 1941, the oldest German playing cards were found in Fliess' Widum? ... that Fliess has had for years a village museum with finds of prehistoric and Roman cult sites at the Piller Sattel dating back to the 7th and 6th century before Christ? ... that the Piller Sattel was the largest burnt-offering site in Northern Tyrol? ... that there are carnivorous plants on the Piller high moor (moor nature trail)? ... our local mountain "Venet" is the nicest panoramic mountain in western Tyrol (you can see no less than 110 mountain tops!)? ... That Fliess has a hiking network of 250 km ? ... That Fliess lies directly in the wonderful skiing region of Venet and is only 15 km away from skiing centres of Serfaus and Fiss ? ... that you have access to 400 kilometres of fantastic slopes with one ski pass for your winter holiday in Fliess? ... Fliess is the insider tip for both your winter holiday as well as for your summer holiday . And as for us, it can stay this way. Then this means that our guests here at Hotel Fliesserhof have a chance to experience all the natural and other wonders in peace. And all of this while having the best seats in the region. Hotel Fliesserhof is located right at the heart of the region, above everything and overlooking all of the beauty surrounding it.
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